Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things They Should Do to Fix Archaeology

Even if you look through the scope,
you won't find any fun.
Ah, Archaeology, one of the least satisfying things to do in WoW. Patch 4.3 came recently and brought with it a change in the number of pieces one may unearth at any particular digsite from 3-6 to 5-12 and ... that's not much of a change at all.

Archaeology had a lot of potential. Potential that got buried in the sand, thanks to the tediousness of the operations of doing this profession, which was basically a non-starter.  The patch fix earlier this month was a quick simple adjustment that the developers could tweak with about 14 seconds of effort. Changing one variable makes a significant difference in how long we go digging, and yet, it doesn't make archaeology really any more fun.

There needs to be a overhaul that includes the following:

A Smaller Junk:Treasure ratio
Apart from new mounts and pets, I have yet to find anything with archaeology that is really worth keeping.  I have found a number of low-level epic weapons and pieces of gear that I would use if I had an alt in the right range with the right class and specc. But I don't. I can't give them to anyone who does either. I may as well stick these items back in the ground.

Even the blue toys I found... I was looking at those this week trying to decide if I should put them in void storage or just throw them away.  Most of them were amusing for a few seconds but none of them were anything so incredible that I was going to haul them around. Although these items are "rare" their resale value is non-existent as well.

Blizzard is continually saying how they don't want professions to have any profound effect on endgame performance, but they seem to be flying through interesting toy concepts too quickly. More mounts? I coulda sworn I read Ghostcrawler say that they were running out of ideas for new mounts. What else is left?

So, with so little really worth holding onto in the entire archaeological oeuvre, shouldn't that be changed?