Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Last Little Things from Beta ...

OMG! It's my Weighted Companion Cube!

I bumped into one rarespawn while in Beta: Lady Lala, a female Naga type rarespawn. But with the same model as Lady Vashj from back in the day. Wowhead has strangely little information on her right now. But she was lurking out holding prisoners in Vash'jir. When you attack her, disco music starts playing and when she dies, the music slows down and stops like somebody pulled the plug on the turntable. For me, she dropped Lady La-La's Singing Shell, which has also undergone some changes. At the time it had the spirit bonus, but the secondary stat was hit rating.   /Facepalm.

She is a level or so higher than her neighboring naga, but is soloable, so long as you can pull her and not any of her buddies as well. I pulled once, but her friend came with her, and then I was distracted, wondering where the disco music was coming from and got killed. ("WTF? Did some Flash ad on my web browser kick in?") Second fight, being more careful on the pull was the charm.
I was looking for arcanum head enchants for my chars. And trying to decide if that would affect my start-up choices. In fact, the Guardians of Hyjal have the Arcanum of Hyjal which appears to be the only spellcaster enchant around right now. The Earthen Ring who operate around Vash'jir at first have the Arcanum of the Earthen Ring for tanks. Agility based DPS will want the Arcanum of the Ramkahen from Uldum area rep, and strength based DPS will want the Arcanum of the Wildhammer, which I think is in the Twilight Highlands.
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
Do you remember Millhouse Manastorm? He was the gnome mage players rescued from the Arcatraz in the last fight against Harbinger Skyriss, back during the Burning Crusade. Millhouse was kinda a goof of a character, but he was a fun touch to what was a fairly difficult dungeon at the time.

Unfortunately, he has turned into Millhouse Manastorm, the Twilight Hammer stooge, who seems to have been responsible for repairing Deathwing's armor in the opening cinematic. Sigh. I guess the Naaru did have him locked up for a good reason. Millhouse now appears in the Stonecore in Deepholm. He is not a "boss" but there is a quest to obtain information from him, and he's standing right there looking all evil and stuff. So I guess conflict is inevitable.

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