Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Long Pause

Rest time. 
Greetings, fellow WoW geeks. I still don't entirely like getting all meta and writing about real-life in my WoW blog, but by now I think the serious break in my writing habits is showing. I can't remember the last time I tried to explain myself but around the first of September, I started a new job, teaching 2nd Grade in my city's public school system. And boy, is that hard work.

Let nobody try and convince you otherwise: being a first-year teacher in elementary school is a monster of a job requiring more hours than could be reasonably put into it, and even when you bust your gut to try to get it all done, you don't.

It's maddening. You don't sleep well. Your weekends are consumed with trying, and ultimately failing, to catch up on everything you have to do. You try and maintain a social life, or at least a fain semblance of one, but when you go out with your friends, all you think about in the back of your head is what you have to do for school, or how you're going to address the problem with somebody stealing crayon boxes in your classroom, or why did a fourth of the class all forget to put equal signs on their math work.

So, long story short: my WoW playtime has suffered tremendously. I mean, it's really ugly. Merinna goes online almost every day to beat up Anzu and make him give me that Raven Lord Mount. (61 runs and no mount. Bleah), but that is just about all of my play time right there. It takes six minutes to skip most of the trash in Setthek Halls, Kill Anzu, curse him for not making the drop, and then log out again. You'd think that I'd just put my WoW account on hiatus.

But truth is, I don't think I could stand not playing in Azeroth. I'm sure there are some people crowing, "Addiction!" and trying to feel all morally superior about it for whatever reason, but the truth is that I just like my character too much. Merinna has been with me for years now. She's my alter-ego! And I just don't want to not get to visit for those six minutes each day.

So, there's that.

Anyway. I'm hoping I can get a bit more free time in coming months. And it is the week before Blizzcon, so that cannot pass, unremarked upon.

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