Wednesday, February 4, 2015

And Now, "Blizzard Watch"

And a First Look
Yesterday, I finally posted my goodbye to WoW Insider, reading into the fact that Editor Alex Ziebart was strongly hinting at a new project.

And sure enough, bright and early on the morning of Wednesday, February 4, Here is Blizzard Watch.

It's important to note that this site is being supported by a Patreon readers fund, so if you have any interest in such things, now is a good time to get your support on. There are a number of different benchmarks about what they hope to do if/when they reach certain funding levels-- all of which are things that I think most WoW players will be up for. As a "backer" of the site, you may well get some input on how they will build their coverage!

Ziebart has an excellent introductory note about what he hopes Blizzard Watch to be and the key is that he hopes the writers of the new site will have more freedom than they had at WoW Insider, which is something I look forward to seeing.


  1. BTW, Dear Readers (it seems like there's been a dozen or so of you in the past day. Woo Hoo!) My home Internet got killed the other day and my past several posts have been done from my iPad attached to public library wifi. Which is a terrible way to post a blog. I'm pretty happy with Blogger in general, but their iOS version is lacking so many tools and actually undoes coding sometimes when you open a post on it. So, as a result, posts have warped and bent and changed shapes and fonts and I'm doing my best to put it right. So... y'know, if you were wondering about that.

  2. It's still looking good mate.
    As a side note I've started to revive Leading the Masses and hope to have a post up by the weekend :D
    Chat soon!