Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Hints Have Begun

Who are these Ethereals? And what are they doing here?

Blizzard CM Nethaera posted this picture Thursday morning on the official forums.

  • These characters are not listed in WoWhead.
  • They look very much like they are fulfilling some faction functions.
  • They are in a pretty standard human-constructed building
  • The "Arcane Reforger" is interesting. Thus far, reforgers have only appeared in major faction cities in the form of one of the player races.

Conclusion: This is some sort of new material.

Could this be... for the expansion? Nethaera posted this on the forums under the heading "Curiouser,"  which is very teasing, I think. And Blizzard doesn't usually tease over coming patch content. They just issue a patch preview. Which makes me think that we might be looking at "The Mists of Pandarea" or whatever here.

That's all I'm going to say about it right now. I can think of several other ways to extrapolate into this information, as I'm sure people all over the world are already doing. But I want to see more first.


  1. 1. The Ethereals are beings from another dimension. Perhaps their home world or planet is under attack? The Burning Legion? And they call upon Azerothians' help to fight the enemy. Azeroth could be next once their home world is destroyed.

    2. The Gobbins started off as non-playable race.
    Ethereals? The next playable race....hmmm....

  2. That was some of my extrapolation as well :D I can't imagine how Ethereals could fit into the next patch (what have they got to do with the Cataclysm, anyway?) but the next x-pac could be anything right now. If Ethereals are going to be a new player race, which faction do you think gets them? And what would be the other-faction counterpart? There are multiple Ethereal factions, maybe one for Horde and Alliance? Talk about Blizzard cutting corners!

  3. Ethereal appears to be a race of traders or merchants. They have invested much in Azeroth and Outlands. i.e setting up areas of operations. As with all investors, they expect return in profit. I reckon the end of Azeroth (Cata) wouldn't be good for business.

    Interesting point on multiple Ethereal factions. We learnt that much from Burning Crusade expansion, there seems to be 2 competing factions. And they don't get along well. How do they distinguish among themselves is beyond me.