Monday, August 1, 2011

This is SoOOoo Not Safe For Work

Earlier this year, a friend of mine suggested I look up a song by Jonathan Coulton, and when I went You-Tubing, instead of the usual song playing with a picture of the album cover, I was delighted to find WoW machinima instead. Since then, I have struggled, nay... fought with my desire to post about it. The video and the song are perfect together, though I can rightly imagine a significant number of people getting horribly upset at it as well.

So, with that struggle now behind me, I first issue this opinion: This song and video are about as funny as they come. The song is cheerful and pleasant and the video is mischievous, clever and though lacking in some production quality is not lacking in imagination and love for WoW.

Second, I issue this warning:  People offended by any variation of sexuality that one could possibly imagine should not watch this video. Children should not watch this video. People at work should not watch this video.  If adult topics could prove troubling to you, do not follow this link

And so, finally, I present  "The First of May" by Jonathan Coulton. 

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