Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's the Little Things... (part 1)

  • It appears that every quest in the game may have reset. I suspect that my full quest history does not copy to the test servers. Or, there will be a new Loremaster type achievement.
  • My favorite shaman trainer in the game is Farseer Umbura who always sat in the Valley of Heroes of Stormwind, down by the water sort of enjoying the nice day.  She has moved to the tavern in the Dwarven District where she spends her time with a couple of Wildhammers now.  /sigh.  I'm not sure I appreciate these damn dwarves sort of taking over as the face of Alliance Shamanism.
  • Things that are gone:  The Hydraxian Warlords. That big nasty bronze dragon outside the Caverns of Time. Steamwheedle Port. Arch Druid Fangel Staghelm (and good riddance to that last one).
  • I was poring through Mer's gear and was thinking, "What the hell? Why has all my stuff got all this damn spirit on it? Bleah! Yuck! Spirit!" And then I remembered that Spirit is the new Mp5 and my gear in beta has transitioned to all the new stats. Spirit still seems like a priesty thing however, so it leaves a sorta bad taste in my mouth still.
  • We have spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit! How 'bout you?
  • Also, in my healing gear, I have approx 27.6% bonus hit. Even though 16% is the hit cap, and um... healing gear doesn't have any hit rating at all. So that's got to be a bug. But in the meantime, I feel like Bullseye. Ha! Can't miss!
  • Merinna dropped by the newly flooded Thousand Needles and dove down deep to see what they have done with this (I was hoping to find a bunch of waterlogged centaurs honestly) But I got down there and finally needed to put on my water breathing spell. But all the glyphs are currently turned off, so I didn't have any reagent and drowned.

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  1. Nawww, a Drowned Mer is an unhappy Mer I bet, lol