Monday, August 16, 2010

My Hunter and Her Felsteed

After the Cataclysm, all hunters ride Felsteeds

I have to laugh sometimes at how things can break in beta. It is, from all accounts, a completely normal thing for stuff to break or be incomplete at this stage. You just wouldn't expect the weird ways this would happen.

Best example is my hunter riding her Felsteed there. At this time, the goblin racial mount does not exist. Nor is there a trainer for riding anything, and of course, at around lvl 30, she is not exalted with any other factions of note who could help her get mounted. A work-around was discovered though!

Goblins (and anybody else, I suppose) can train for Blacksmithing in Orgrimmar and right next to him is the Weaponsmith trainer. And the weaponsmith trainer will teach the spell "Summon Felsteed." Makes perfect sense, right?

Many of the other things breaking are really new things though. Winklestein specced into Survival Huntering and thus received Explosive Shot at lvl 10. Except that she didn't. The spell appeared when I allocated my first points and then disappeared for all time ever after.

I would write a beta feedback ticket about this. If you have never seen it, the beta and PTR clients have an extra mini-map feature to make reporting bugs and problems very easy. Except that two builds ago, the entire feedback system disappeared. It has reappeared since, but is still not functional.

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