Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things that Make You Go Hmmm...

  • OMG! The Hunter AoE Volley is Out! Gone! Deceased! It has shifted off this mortal coil! It is no more! Ghostcrawler dropped a clarification note about this saying that a channeled spell causing a bunch of arrows to fall from the sky was not very hunterly, and that multi-shot would be the go to AoE effect for hunters now.  A collective whimpering arose from hunters forums the world over, saying that being able to hit three or perhaps four targets wasn't really AoE. And a collective grunt from the warrior community, who have only been able to AoE to the tune of four for a long time now, indicated that the hunters need to "suck it up."
  • CC Spells are having their casting time extended to 2 seconds across the board. GC said something about them being uninterruptable with the levels of haste that exist in today's game. This reeks of "arena balance issues" to me, to which I say meh.
  • Ghostcrawler said that the shaman talent Totemic Focus is not long for this world.  Huzzah! That was a crappy talent that everybody skipped over anyway. I hope they replace it with something more useful than Telluric Currents now.
  • I met some NPC Worgen in game today and um, they snuffle a lot. There is this default sound that is something like "gnrrrrrhrokfmmrrrraaaarrrrll" coming out of those things most of the time.  They also do a dog yelp if you injure them.  I haven't observed any PC worgen making the same noises.

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