Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Erm? Is That All?

Just a quick note about live realms for now:

Gosh, I just can't quite find the words to describe the letdown I feel about the whole "Operation Gnomeragon" event.

This particular event has been hyped for a long long time now. I guess I was expecting a series of daily quests, defeating leper gnomes on the surface, preparing the war machine. Maybe a chance to drive those spider tanks! That would have been cool. And... don't you get the sense that maybe they were originally planning it that way? We get to test the spider tanks, shoot at some targets, and then ... nothing.  That quest planting radiation detectors from the flying machine just smells like a repeatable quest.

Alright, so... well, we are still going to retake the city in a fight to the finish with Mechengineer Thermaplugg! YAAAH GO! Woot, kill the tanks! Waste the troggs! Oh no it's a bomb! I was having a great laugh about the dialogue going up to that point. High Tinker Mekkatorque beating on the bomb with a hammer, and then we get teleported back to IF and ... "#$%&$%&#!!111one" That's all? Phhhht.

I'm trying not to mention this, but it's going to just come out anyway: The whole assault on the city glitched out twice for me trying to get it done too. I can tell that this is a widespread problem on the event from what other players were saying.

It seems to me that Blizzard has alluded to the fact that this is not the only "pre-cataclysm" event we can expect, so maybe there is some fun coming yet. But seriously, Blizz... ya dropped the ball on this one.


  1. The *ahem* Troll even bugged for me too, which really pissed me off since I was going to be the first person on the server to do it. There no one else there and as soon as I heard about this going live, I was trying to log into my account.

    Now there obviously is not achieve for being the first, but I still thought it might have been kinda cool. Instead I got to sit and watch with 20 other people as Vol'Jin bugged out for 3 hours, and then at the end of it all- there was not even a cinematic to be rewarded with. Lame.

  2. Ugh. Your experience was even worse then mine then. I agree, it would have been cool to have been the first one :) I was going to send an Outlander Troll of mine to check out the Echo Isles, but to find out it is glitching in the same way as Gnomer? Bleah.

  3. I've done Echo Isles twice now & Gnomer twice, with different alts. I think the Echo Isles campaign has better pacing, if that's the right phrase.

    My first attempt at Gnomer resulted in 2 glitches. So far, zero glitches with Echo Isles,

    Many players, in both Gnomer raids, were spamming, saying not to get ahead of the Boss. Now, I'm not sure why having several players run inside before the High Tinker, would glitch the raid? But, clearly it did. I even think that a couple of froot-loops did it on purpose. Not surprising really.

    Anyway, I thought the final teleportation was actually funny.