Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Deal for Flying

You know you want these.

The latest beta build has a number of changes to the flying system:
  • Old Weather Flying - (Really named Azerothian Navigation) So, it is going to cost you to use your flying mount in the Old World after all. It's 250 gold (200 with exalted SW reputation). That really is pretty well chump change, so no big worries. You can pick this up at level 60 however, but I think I read that if you don't have a Burning Crusade expansion, then you are not eligible for this.
  • Master Riding - Is the new level of flight ability that ups your speed from 280% to 310%. It costs 5000g (4000g with exalted SW rep) This change has been expected at around a price like this too. The only surprise is that the implementation that happened this week happened to everybody. Developers originally said if you were uber enough to get one of the 310% mounts currently in game, then you wouldn't need to purchase this new training. Maybe they need to change that, or maybe they just changed their mind.  The worst part is that I've gotten used to Merinna flying around at 310% now, so the 280% seeeeeemmeed sooooo sllllooooooooowwwwww.
  • Auto-dismount inside an enclosure has been restored to the rules it currently uses on live servers. 
  • Merinna went to the trainers and picked up the abilities and all is well. Eridar went to the trainers and picked up the abilities and every bit of her flying skills broke. Presently, she cannot fly at all anymore. But hey, it's beta, so I filed my report.  I just provide warning here in case somebody else sees the same thing happening. 
  • Just to keep all my mount related news in the same place: He doesn't fly, but check out that wicked looking Golden King up there! Nevermind slinking around with tigers or panthers or whatever. That's a full-on lion, baby!  That white patch under the saddle is where a guild crest will go and this is a guild rep reward of some kind.
  • And, Winklestein now has a "trike." It's actually pretty noisy so I may keep using the Felsteed.

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  1. I can't wait to have my own LoA Crested Lion mount!!! Let the good times of guild life roll on :D