Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong'

It's Murphy's Law: the ultimate expression of the perversity of nature and human endeavor. First used by shipping agents in 1877, and finally named from one of a few possible Murphys in the United States Air Force, It has hundreds of corollaries from "It only rains on my day off," to "The milk's expiration date will always be the day before you check it."

Needless to say, Murphy's Law extends to raiding in World of Warcraft as well! I consider these truths to be self-evident:
  • Whatever loot drops from a boss will be exactly perfect for the alt you didn't bring to the raid.
  • That loot will always get sharded.
  • Whenever you /roll a 100 for a piece of loot, the item will be uncontested.
  • Furthermore, you will never /roll 100 on a piece of loot that is a fantastic upgrade for you.
  • You will always be targeted by the boss with a CC effect or a debuff requiring your action to manage just as soon as you pop your trinkets and major cool downs.
  • The rare ore deposits like thorium or titanium are easiest to find while you are playing your herbalist.
  • If there is something that causes an encounter to bug out, someone in your party will discover it.
  • Your flask will not expire until after the next pull has started.
  • If you play Alliance, the Horde wins every battleground.
  • If you play Horde, the Alliance wins every battleground.
  • No matter how good the rate, your trinkets will never procc when you really really need them to.
  • Your next gear upgrade will be the last thing you spent several hundred gold to gem and enchant. Or else, it will be a belt.
  • The boat will leave the dock exactly four seconds before you get there.
  • As soon as you spend a large amount of gold on a "pretty good" item in the AH, you will get a better drop.
  • The day after you change your talent spec will be the day your raid leader realizes he MUST have the ability you can no longer use.
  • Devilsaurs in Un'Goro Crater are always behind you, no matter what direction you face.
  • So is the Fel Reaver.
  • Your best friend will always log into the game approximately 20 seconds after you have PuGed out the last slot in you raid.
  • The likelihood of your raid members getting disconnected from the game is directly proportional to the amount of trouble it can cause if they do get disconnected.
  • There are some great bargains in the auction house, but not on the particular item you are looking for.

Can anyone postulate a few more?


  1. The Murloc will ALWAYS run away with 2% health & call his buddies.

    There is always a PUG idiot that must have one of his pets out.

    The hot purple item will have to be posted 15 times on the AH before it sells.

  2. Your most reliable guild member will be the first to let you down at a crucial moment.

    Just as it seems like you have the ultimate Raid Team, someones GF/BF (also in the raid team) will break up with said person and cause you to lose both of them.

    As soon as your guild is drama free, someone will find something to bitch about (i'm not sure a guild is ever drama free, lol)