Monday, October 25, 2010

It's the Little Things... (part 3)

In beta, there are now Griffon riding guards flying over Stormwind. I'm sure this is related to the widespread concerns about Horde in our airspace. Unfortunately, these guards didn't do anything when a troll druid flew by.  Maybe it's a work in progress still. They have made a lot more invites to beta, so every time I go in recently, there is some loser with nothing better to do than try to menace people from the air in Stormwind. I am so going to lose it if that is happening on Dec. 7.

A very irritating bug has made it into live servers with patch 4.0.1.  NPC names cannot be completely turned off. There is a setting for this in your interface panel, but quest-related NPCs still have neon red names floating over their heads. This especially bugs me because the only names I usually turn on are Horde Player names so that I can see them turn red and become a danger to me if that's what they are going to do. Now, I go a-questing and I'm surrounded by red names that leave me highly at unease. One might get used to this. But the control is there, Blizzard just needs to fix it.

In beta, female worgen animations still have not been implemented. I read somewhere that there have been great difficulties making the worgen women look feminine and bad-ass feral at the same time. The model itself has undergone a lot of small changes. I appreciate the effort. But, tick-tock, Blizzard. Tick-tock.

The Cataclysm splash screen got revealed at Blizzcon last weekend. It looks pretty cool, but to be honest, I was hoping for a splash screen that didn't have a dragon roaring every few seconds. I have gotten a bit tired of Sindragossa greeting me every time I turn on the game. At least she's not using her in-game voice. YOU ARE FOOOOOLS FOR HAVING COME HERE!!!! AAAuuugh!

Is anybody else confused about what gems they should be using? So many changes there and I can't find a really good reference that is up to date on that. I most often go to the WoW Gem Finder, but they seem to be about 1/2 way through patch 4.0.1. Yesterday I was stuck on something like... "Wait, wait... do I need a Dazzling Eye of Zul or a Dazzling Dreadstone?"

I read Christine Golden's new Warcraft book The Shattering in a few days last week while my internet was still down. I enjoyed it a lot. Warcraft novels have a tendency to >not< impact the current storyline at all, or else they go back and touch on things so far in the past that they can play looser with those rules. For example, Richard Knaak's recent Stormrage, featured an attack of evil so powerful that it engulfed the entire world, caused some very unusual alliances, and did impact WoW directly in ways that are sorta shed and not explained too well in beta. The Shattering doesn't have this problem.  It feels like a very direct lead into the Cataclysm. Important people die, get busy, and do other game-changing stuff that will have to be addressed in-game.  I'll probably have more comments about The Shattering later on.

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